The 9th Annual NAO Performance Measurement Conference

12 February 2013

NAO Performance Measurement Conference 2013
Using information to drive decisions, manage performance and provide accountability in government

The 2013 NAO Performance Measurement Conference will be held midway through the Government’s Spending Review period. The whole public sector – including Departments, Agencies, NDPBs and Local Authorities – is tasked with delivering the Government’s aim of deficit reduction, while also implementing a wide-ranging reform agenda designed to transform public services. Understanding service performance is therefore highly relevant in this context, so that the impacts of cuts and reforms are understood, and that information on their effects is presented objectively, enabling appropriate decision-making.

The conference programme will draw together experts from the National Audit Office, Parliament, central and local government and academia to consider these issues:

  • How the centre of Government is using information to drive efficiency and understand programme spending
  • Parliament’s perspective on the use of performance measurement in Government
  • Information supporting accountability – what has changed and what will happen next?
  • Evaluation and performance management
  • Using information to transform public service delivery: case studies
  • The Troubled Families initiative: driving change through integration
The conference will provide a unique opportunity to hear from leading authorities on the subject and to network with your peer groups in central and local government.

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