The UK Shale Gas Summit

09 October 2013

After a period of vacillation, the UK Government recently moved to put its full weight behind the development of the UK’s shale gas reserves.

Among the key announcements were:

  • The publication of a long delayed report by the British Geological Survey, which concluded that the Bowland Shale, which covers 11 counties, contains about 1,300 tn cubic feet of gas, substantially more than previous estimates.
  • A package of community measures, designed to address local opposition to fracking. Shale companies will pay communities £100,000 per well where fracking takes place and 1 per cent of revenues once production starts.
  • New guidelines will be issued on the planning and permitting regime to make the approval process for fracking clearer and more streamlined.
  • HM Treasury will launch a consultation on tax incentives to encourage shale exploration.

These Government announcements follow hot on the heels of Centrica’s recent acquisition of a quarter stake in the Bowland Shale explorations licence held by Cuadrilla Resources, which underscores the growing interest of large established energy companies in UK shale opportunities.

Against this backdrop, City & Financial’s timely “UK Shale Gas Summit”, which will be held in London on 9th October 2013, will take a hard look at how the Government, shale operators and local communities can work together to develop a commercially viable and sustainable UK shale industry.

The expert speaker panel will address the key issues through roundtable panel discussions and presentations. The programme is divided into five sections:

1.    Shale in the context of the Government’s energy policies
2.    Potential scale and economics of the UK shale industry
3.    Taking advantage of the opportunity – technological and practical considerations
4.    Winning the argument I – environmental and safety concerns
5.    Winning the argument II – bringing the local community on board

Attendance at this highly topical event will be invaluable for senior executives in the oil & gas industry, the supply chain and both central and local government, as well as representatives from the technical, advisory and financial communities.


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