Our Team

Maurice Button is Chief Executive and Founder of C&F. His responsibilities include management of the executive team, strategic planning, new business development and relationships with external partners. Previously, he was an investment banker with Lazard Brothers & Co (now Lazard), NM Rothschild & Sons and Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup), and a strategy consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. He is a former chairman of one of the UK's leading policy think tanks and author of a number of research papers on government policy. He has an honours degree in Latin and Greek from Bristol University, and an MBA degree from London Business School.

Philip Walker has been Finance Director since C&F was established in 1993. He also manages C&F's back office functions, including the IT systems and the administrative processes, as well as external relations with suppliers. He is a former treasurer of one of the UK's leading policy think tanks. Prior to joining C&F, he worked in sales and marketing for a number of UK companies.